How to set up an seo friendly blogger?

A1 blogger gives you ways to get unlimited traffic to your website through advanced blogger seo techniques. To start with, you will need to choose the target keyword that you want to rank. Insert these keywords to the blogger title and make sure that it is within 60 characters. Put a 500 words description of your product so that Google understands the topic of your blogging site. Then make sure that you set the number of posts that you need to show to your audience. By default, it is set to seven, but you can change it to the number of posts that you want your viewers to see.

For images, if you want your viewers to click on the images on your posts, then set it accordingly. For comments, it is better to set it to users with Google accounts. This will avoid spammers commenting on your posts. You also need to set the comments for moderation, providing the e-mail for the person who will do the moderation. The benefit of this approach is again to keep spammers away because you will have the control to accept or reject the comments.

Last but not least, add your e-mail so that you can receive all the comments for moderation purposes. Make sure to select the appropriate language for the blog if you are using it for a language other than English. Keep up with our latest updates & happy blogging!

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