10 Effective SEO tips to drive organic traffic in 2020

Search engine optimization (SEO) keeps on evolving where new strategies and tips emerge. By all means, SEO continues to be crucial because organic search result is excellent. Many reports on buying behavior prove that it’s a good source of quality traffic. A blog post at the top of the search is 10X more likely to gain click.

Are you ready to supercharge your site with some new traffic?

If yes, then this article will break down some of the organic traffic gem cells your site needs. But, you need to know that SEO tips don’t bring the result overnight. For the most part, the search engine world requires patience after putting in some effort. If you are ready for the tip, keep scrolling.

On-page optimization

importance of on-page optimization

4.8 billion Users search Google every day according to (live internetstats). So, how will your business reach that massive audience through organic means?

On-page optimization is the process you perform to your website to improve search engine results pages (SERPs). In essence, it’s the necessary steps that help you learn about your niche and keywords research. If you do it correctly, it can boost and place your site in a better position.

Here are some few tips to optimize your website for organic traffic.

Explore Keyword research/ development and placement

how to find keywords for seo

Learning more about keyword development will help optimize your website for good search rank.

Are the keywords still relevant?

Yes, because google algorithm relies on keyword and phrases when answering search queries. With this in mind, you need to look for relevant, high traffic keywords.

On a positive note, you have the opportunity to explore the less competitive keyword. Doing this will enables you to appear on the first page rather than competing with giants.

Keyword research and placement will help you to:

  • Explain the content of your site
  • Know your niche SEO competitiveness
  • Research on your competitor and make use of keyword gaps to rank against them

Create unique fresh content for users and not Google

By all means, if your site publishes fresh content more often, then you’ll see more returning audience. Unique and informative content is the best way to drive more traffic to your site. The more your audience grows, the more your website gains authority and ranking.

Also, Google emphasizes assessing the authority of your content. They do this by evaluating dwell time, number of shares, and page views of your content. As a result, good content helps in building site authority through inbound links.

Craft a good SEO titles and description

search engine blogs

You should know by now that Meta tags and descriptions play as advertisement copy. In other words, it’s a door that invites visitors to your website. It’s an HTML attribute that delivers a summary description of your web page.

Always strive to have unique page titles and Meta descriptions to enjoy a high click-through rate.

Some vital SEO Meta tags plan includes

  • Write a compelling copy that can activate click
  • Do not duplicate your meta description across your whole site
  • It’s better to communicate page benefits
  • Remove all non-alphanumeric characters

Reduce bounce rate

Now, if you want Google to show you its canine teeth, then have a higher bounce rate. A higher bounce rate shows Google that what you offer is not convincing. In this case, a bounce rate of 80% is terrible, whereas a bounce rate of 30 – 50% is excellent.

What to do:

Deliver a good user experience

Your first step is to ensure your visitors find it easy to use your website. In reality, user experience (UX) revolves around end interaction with your products and services. A good UX is when your visitor finds your products or services appealing.

Improve your site load speed

In other words, most internet users will not wait a minute for your content and scripts to download. You need to provide them with instant results.

Use Pingdom and Google page speed to see how your website performs. Google is working hard to see online searchers get good user experience.

Use videos to engage your visitors

According to the word stream report, video forms one-third of user internet activities. In this case, it shows you how videos can be a powerful marketing tool for your site.

Including videos in your blog post help you retain visitors for long and boost your site engagements. In detail,You Tube is enjoying 2 billion users who are hungry for fresh content. Exploring this channel will increase your site click-through rate and organic traffic.

Don’t forget to optimize your videos for search engines. Some elements to consider for an SEO friendly video include:

  • Publish videos that educate visitors about your industry, product or services
  • Dedicate your time on the video and be consistence
  • Add technical details in your videos because YouTube doesn’t read videos. A few of them include SEO title and description, hi-res thumb images, and tags.

Use captivating, high-quality images.

Your first step is to choose the right format, png, or jpeg. Usually, png format produces quality images though large. Before you upload these images, add SEO alt text and compress all images.

Moreover, you can utilize the image search room to get more traffic. Using SEO alt text on images you upload will help Google understand your content.

Internal links are vital for SEO

External links do get a fair share when it comes to the search engine optimization strategy. But, Google updates in recent years seem to fall for internal links.

An internal link is a link from one of your pages that points to another page on the same site.

In most cases, they help Google identify the structure of your pages and posts. Internal linking strategy is an excellent way to boost your SEO. It allows you to improve pages and position that matters to your site.

How it works

When a visitor enters your website and clicks on an internal link, that page gets a boost. Here, your readers will give the search engine a signal that the page is valuable. In the end, these pages can improve on the search results and brings in good traffic.

Make use of the featured snippet.

At rankglider.com, they are aware of the new seo trend that a featured snippet helps ignites clicks. These are brief answers you see on Google search results.

Why are they important for SEO?

In the first place, they are a good shot for getting more organic clicks. According to Ahrefs, a featured snippet gets 8% of all the clicks.

Heads up!

Though featured snippet attracts clicks, your page must already be on page #1. So, the best way forward is to improve your ranking by exploring long-tail keywords.

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